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Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Dear Midkota Community, 

We wanted to share some updates with you today. First up, we will begin lessons and online learning Monday, March 30th. Any work and lessons from March 16th to the 27th are just practice and extra learning opportunities and will not be not graded or required. Also starting March 30th, we will have the offices in both schools staffed from 8 AM - 12 PM weekdays to answer questions and coordinate any services. We cannot allow anyone in the building, so if you need anything please call during those office hours. 

We will be submitting our plan to the state and adding it to our website. We plan to start distance education slowly and work with everyone to make sure students and guardians are comfortable and able to do the lessons. We know this is not ideal for anyone, and work schedules and multiple children in the family will make it even more complex. Please work with us and know that we want to help in any way we can. Our district plan will be available to view on our website this week. We will share a link when it is officially posted. 

This morning the school board approved a pass/fail grade system that has been recommended by the State Superintendent for the remainder of this year. GPA will be suspended for the second semester and credits will be awarded on a pass/fail basis for Midkota taught classes. Any online classes will continue as usual for students taking those and those grades will be assigned as normal. GPA calculations will continue next year minus this semester in the calculation. Teachers will be in charge of deciding what they will accept as passing and failing for their classes. 

At this time we are postponing prom. We hope that we will be able to put on a prom later this spring or perhaps this summer. Individuals and businesses who have donated, we thank you and will put those funds aside with the intent to provide this experience to the students at a later date. FBLA conferences are still going to happen this year, and that is exciting news! They will be held virtually, and when we have any news about how to participate or watch results, we will share that with everyone.

Teachers will be contacting each student this week to set up their communication and online lessons to be ready to go on Monday. Attendance will be recorded starting Monday on the basis of assignment completion and class participation. Also this week, the school will be contacting each student’s family about meal opportunities for which we will begin delivering starting Monday, March 30th.  

Stay home and stay healthy everyone. 


Midkota Admin. Team