Midkota Extended Day Program 

Schedule for when school is in session. 


Mornings 7 AM-8:15 AM 
Afternoons 3:15 PM-5 PM


Mornings 7 AM-8:15 AM
Afternoons 3:15 PM-5 PM


Mornings 7 AM-8:15 AM 
Afternoons 3:15 PM-5 PM

Program Director: Ms. Carlin Larson

For more information you can reach her at: carlin.larson@k12.nd.us or 701-676-2511

Monthly Calendars for the Extended Day Program

October Calendar

November Calendar

December Calendar


Want to learn a bit more about our extended day learning program? Here is Ms. Larson with some highlights to share.

Program Registration Document

Midkota Extended Day Program Parent Handbook

Morning Program for Grades K-6 students:

  • 7 AM-7:45 AM will be STEM activities.

  • 7:45 AM-8:15 AM Enrichment and homework help

Afternoon Program for Grades K-6 students:

  • 3:15 PM -3:30 PM Snack time

  • 3:30 PM-3:45PM Recess time

  • 3:45 PM-4:30 PM STEM activities

  • 4:30 PM-5 PM- Enrichment and homework help

Midkota Extended Day Program will focus on the following standards:

Reading Standards

  • Students engage in the reading process.

  • Students engage in the writing process.

  • Students engage in the speaking and listening process.

Math Standards

  • Students understand and use basic and advanced concepts of number and number systems.

  • Students use algebraic concepts, functions, patterns, and relationships to solve problems.

Science Standards

  • Students will review and ask questions about the scientific investigations of others

  • Students will conduct simple investigations to answer questions based on observations.

  • Students use scientific tools (i.e., thermometers, rulers, balances) during simple investigations.

Art Standards

  • Students understand how works of art are structured and how visual art has a variety of functions.

  • Students know the different techniques used to create visual art.

Drama Standards

  • Students use a variety of movements, vocal pitch, tempo, and tone.

  • Students understand the relationship between character and movement, vocal, pitch, tempo, and tone.

  • Students create and sustain a character.

November 17th, 2020 Extended Day Program Meeting Minutes